Public talks

Unless stated otherwise public talk at Bristol Theosophical Society, Tyndalls Park Rd, Bristol BS8 1PY:

11.2023TheurgyDuncan Fleming
10.2021Approaching the Tree of LifeDuncan Fleming
12.2019 Occult Symbols [Centrespace, Bristol]Duncan Fleming
11.2018History of the TarotColin Low
05.2018Ritual MagicDuncan Fleming
09.2018Madame Blavatsky and The Western Esoteric TraditionDuncan Fleming
07.2015Influence of Jewish MysticismDuncan Fleming
06.2015The Theosophical Society and ‘Occult Science’         
Duncan Fleming
10.2013Illusions on the Tree of LifeDuncan Fleming
08.2013Kabbalah & Tradition of the Holy Guardian Angel   Duncan Fleming
05.2013Kabbalah and MeditationDuncan Fleming
02.2013Kabbalah and MagicDuncan Fleming
04.2012 Spiritual experiences on the Tree of LifeDuncan Fleming
01.2012 Ideas of the Soul in KabbalahDuncan Fleming
11.2011One Light Gathering with wisdom from the Kabbalah [Essex Unitarian Church]Suzanne Cohen