About Us

What is the Rockwax Foundation?

The Rockwax Foundation is a charity founded in 2011 whose purpose is to keep alive the Hermetic and Kabbalistic traditions through teaching.

According to these traditions there is a single source of all Being that is beyond conceptual understanding and is simultaneously manifest in all things, including ourselves. Our ability to perceive of the unity of Being is damaged when we see the world as something we can use rather than relate-to, when we see ourselves as disconnected and separate rather than integrated and dependent.

The traditions preserved by the Rockwax Foundation have the practical goal of reintegrating human beings with the source of their own Being (and hence all Being) through teachings centered on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and and theurgic practices of great antiquity.


The Rockwax Foundation owes its origin to various esoteric groups that existed in the UK in the late 1950s and 60s. These groups, influenced by but not directly connected with the work of Dion Fortune, preserved initiatory traditions of western occultism and mysticism, and coalesced in the teaching of Margaret Bain/Shaw. Margaret died in 1994 and the Rockwax Foundation was created in 2011 by her students as a public face to preserve and promote the traditions and teaching.

The name “Rockwax” is taken from the name of Margaret’s personal stone, and was chosen to honour her memory and teaching.

What is the work of the Rockwax Foundation?

The main work of the charity is to offer public lectures, publications, structured small group and one to one teaching on themes of spirituality and metaphysics. Wherever possible public teaching is given in accessible locations and paid for by donation.