Hermetic Kabbalah

The word ‘Kabbalah’ is Hebrew and means to ‘receive’ or to ‘reveal.’ What is received or revealed is a blueprint for understanding our life in the physical body living on earth. During the Renaissance key writings from the kabbalistic tradition were translated from Hebrew and influenced non Jewish scholars and mystics.

The Hermetic tradition is a body of spiritual and metaphysical ideas that come from Hellenistic and Egyptian sources. These ideas, once thought to be the ancient writings of the legendary ‘Thrice Greatest Hermes’, were syncretised with Kabbalah and other ideas to form the basis of the Western Mystery Tradition.

The essence of Hermetic Kabbalah can be encapsulated through the words “As above, so below.” In this tradition there is one God who created the structure of the universe and all its inhabitants. Therefore, as one of the inhabitants, we humans can learn about and understand the nature of God through the aspects of ourselves which are divine or God given.

Through the study of Hermetic Kabbalah, in particular, through the study of the central symbol, ‘The Tree of Life,’ or ‘Otzs Chiam’ in Hebrew, it becomes possible to pierce this veil and to consciously comprehend and experience the nature of God within ourselves and the universe.

When we are not aware of God, we behave in ways that keep the earth and ourselves in darkness and turmoil. However, when we are aware of God, we bring about the possibility of healing for ourselves and the earth because we strengthen God’s presence within us and this stabilises the universe in which we live.

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