One to one and small group teaching

Hermetic Kabbalah is a well-trodden spiritual path towards divine union. To really engage with this tradition, it is not enough to read.  It is not an academic exercise. It requires an experiential encounter with its concepts, guided by a teacher. This is because it is an oral tradition, passed on by those who have already started the journey.

Hermetic Kabbalah is a living tradition and like any living thing it is changed by those who actively engage with it. Whilst Kabbalah training courses may look similar, they each have a unique perspective arising from the way in which past and current teachers have encountered Kabbalah. It is therefore important for a potential student to ask themselves the degree to which they resonate with their potential teacher and vice versa.

Aims of the Teaching

  • To gain an understanding of the nature of the universe, our relationship to it, and our relationship with Being.
  • To enquire into questions, such as, what is the meaning life? What is the nature of good and evil? And so on.
  • To discover our unique purpose within the task of the Great Work.  

What is involved?

  • Commitment to meet for 2 hours on a regular basis with a teacher in Bristol or London in the United Kingdom.   
  • Completion of various contemplative practices, practical exercises, reading and rituals.  
  • A commitment and willingness to examine your life.
  • Continuation is subject to examination.

If you are concerned by the content of the teaching or by your teachers you may discontinue at any time.

What is the focus of the teaching?

Kabbalah is taught through examination and contemplation of the Tree of Life. This leads to:

  • development of qualities such as self-discipline, silence, trust and truthfulness  –  which aid the Great Work
  • Greater awareness of the trials and tribulations of the spiritual path arising from our own temperaments.

What is the Cost?

  • Your time
  • Learning materials
  • Students are very welcome to make donations to the Rockwax Foundation charity – but this is not an expectation or requirement.

How do I begin?

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.